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Imerge services happen on the 1st Sunday of the month at the later time of 11am, and it is when our Sunday morning service becomes more experimental. You will find that we meet in the hall rather than in church. 

This service also includes a children's programme and creche, so that all the family can worship.

• At Imerge we want to feel part of a community. Where there are no expectations of what people believe or how much they know about the Christian faith. Imerge is not just for Christians.
• At Imerge we want to creatively use music, videos, interviews, discussions, talks and anything else that will help us understand and experience who Jesus is.
• Imerge is for all ages but we especially want the service to be relevant to young people with an opportunity for them to get involved in what goes on.

What is Imerge all about?
• Simply explaining who Jesus is and how through his life on earth and his teachings we can understand how God wants to have a relationship with us if we want to live for him.
• Showing how Christian beliefs can be put into practice in real life situations.
• Encouraging each other to be honest with God and each other how we feel and what we believe.

Look at the calendar to discover when we’ve planned our next Imerge service.